It's so hard deciding on a photographer when browsing the internet!  I've asked some of my past clients to comment on their experience with me since good photos are everywhere but portrait photography is all about your relationship with the photographer.  I love putting people at ease and being as silly as necessary to evoke those natural expressions that really capture you and your family.


Bias Family

I can't say enough good things about our experience with Anna.  She had a calm, un-hurried attitude that relaxed everyone.  When it came to trying different poses or ideas she let everyone participate which made my kids feel included.  Since the reason for the photo shoot was to get family photos before my husband deployed to Afghanistan I was not in my most "smiley" mood.  Anna's energy and joy was contagious however and when my husband returned we had the best family portraits we've ever taken up on the wall

Shilo Bias



Graf Family

Having our family photos taken by Anna Foster was a truly wonderful experience.  Not only is she a gifted photographer, but she is truly talented in the way that she engages children.  Her patience, creativity and easy nature helped everyone in my family relax and have fun.  This was reflected in our pictures.  Each picture she captured of my children was amazing...and reflected their unique qualities.  Even my husband relaxed and had fun!! Her photography is timeless, beautiful and truly representative of a very special time in our life.  I will forever cherish these pictures!!

Sara Graf


Boyle Family

We were incredibly lucky to meet Anna in California two years ago and to have her take our family photographs. There are so many things that I love about her photographs.

It is incredibly difficult to get four young children to look at the camera and smile simultaneously but Anna managed it. Not only that but we look great. Visitors to our home always comment on the numerous large prints we have of her images. 

Anna also took some individual photographs of our children and I love that she was able to capture each one's personality in her shots. My son looks so angelic but you can still see the mischief in his eyes. 

Anna's images aren't your typical run of the mill family portraits of everyone sitting still in front of the camera. If you're looking for something a little more interesting then Anna can do it. We have shots of us in the playground, in our garden, in the desert and in our home running and dancing and climbing. Each one brings back very happy memories. 

What I personally liked most about our photos by Anna is that she was able to capture our surroundings so perfectly. I look back at the photos and not only admire how beautiful our family looks but also how spectacular the location was. 


Julie Boyle




Warnock Family

My family's experience with Anna was such a wonderful end to being stationed at Fort Irwin.  My husband had been deployed and came back less than a month before we moved. When we were looking at family photos we realized we hadn't had a family photo since our son was a month old and we had had another child, a daughter, that was five.  

For any family who has moved with the military, that time is crazy and busy and to think about scheduling and having family photo would be an insane idea but it was an amazing way to end our stay at Fort Irwin to have Anna photo our family. 

We were already moved out of our house and staying in temporary lodging. Anna met us at a park behind the hotel and that is when the magic began.  She just started taking nature shots of our family. She spent one on one time with each of my three kids and I have one child, my son, who never smiles, Anna got him to smile. I cherish those photos to this day. 

Besides spending time with our family and capturing wonderful memories, the photos we have we're edited beautifully. 

Choosing Anna to capture a snapshot of a memory of your life is a choice you won't regret. Our family hasn't had another family done since then and we are due. We only wish we didn't live so far away, because I already know who I would hire again, Anna. 

Jennifer Warnock